GCSE English, Maths and Science Classes

As English, Maths and Science are core subjects at GCSE level, these courses are very popular programmes of study for many of our pupils. It can be a daunting time for children, as GCSE’s represent their first formal qualifications which are recognised by universities and future employers. Pupils can often feel under a great deal of pressure to achieve high grades in their exams.

From 2017, the DfE introduced a more challenging syllabus to most GCSE subjects, including English, Maths and Science, with the government aiming to make GCSE exams tougher. In addition, the government have introduced a new grading system of 9-1, replacing the traditional A-G grades, where 9 is the top grade.

Furthermore, as the AS Level examinations are no longer compulsory across the UK, it is becoming increasingly apparent that universities are now relying heavily on GCSE results to decide whether to offer a place on a university course. This means it is essential that top grades are secured at GCSE level by pupils to obtain places on the most competitive courses at the best universities, and ultimately a career in the profession they want to pursue.

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