GCSE Biology

GCSE Biology

Exam Boards Covered: AQA, OCR, Edexcel, Educas

The aim of teaching GCSE Biology is to enable pupils to contextualise the content taught in Biology and use this acquired knowledge to apply to different exam style questions. There are many ‘big ideas’ within this subject, which allow pupils to understand the depth and breadth of topics within Biology which range from plants, animals, microscopic organisms and the interaction of these with the environment. Pupils should be able to use this guidance to learn about the different areas of Biology and apply them to new and challenging situations.

This course of study allows for the sound preparation of pupils for their GCSE examinations and for progression into A Level Biology.

Topics that are covered in our GCSE Biology classes include:

The Nature and Variety of Living Organisms

  • Characteristics and variety of organisms

Structure and Function in Living Organisms

  • Organism and cell structure
  • Biological molecules
  • Movement of substances
  • Nutrition
  • Respiration
  • Gas exchange
  • Transport
  • Excretion
  • Co-ordination and response

Reproduction and Inheritance

  • Sexual and Asexual reproduction
  • Structure and function of the male and female reproductive systems
  • Structure and function of an insect pollinated plant and a wind pollinated plant
  • DNA and RNA
  • Genes and chromosomes

Ecology and the Environment

  • The organism in the environment
  • Feeding relationships
  • Cycles within ecosystems
  • Human influences on the environment

Use of Biological Resources

  • Food production
  • Selective breeding
  • Genetic modification
  • Cloning

Structure of the GCSE Biology Exam Papers

Typically, the structure of the exam for each exam board takes the form of 100% examination comprised of two examination papers. There are required practical’s that need to be learned which will appear as questions on the exam papers.

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