About Excel Tuition Centre

About Excel Tuition Centre

Excel Tuition Centre is a professional education provider, specialising in high quality, structured tuition for children of all ages and abilities from Key Stage 1 through to GCSE. Our well-equipped centres provide a friendly, stimulating and comfortable learning environment, enabling your child to feel confident and supported throughout their studies. Excel Tuition Centre prepares, supports and guides young children and students throughout their time in education, enabling each and every individual to flourish and excel.

We offer a competitive, professional tuition service for English, Maths and Science courses and subjects. All our teaching staff are fully qualified, highly experienced, skilled and dedicated teachers. They are all approachable with a thirst and excitement for raising achievement and attainment. Once assessed, each child is given a personalised learning programme to follow.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our students with tailored tuition programmes, delivered by fully qualified and subject specialist teachers. The structured support that we provide our students will enable them to achieve great results in their exams and have the confidence to take on new challenges throughout their life.

We encourage and instil confidence in children to apply new skills in and beyond the classroom.

Fully Qualified, Subject Specialist Teachers

Our fully qualified, highly skilled and experienced teachers thrive on helping children to flourish and excel by supporting and guiding them every step of the way. We use a combination of learning materials and workbooks to cater for each child’s learning style. This enables us to provide the best possible educational support to our students.

All teachers are selected following a stringent selection and vetting process. We only employ DBS cleared and inspiring teachers who work individually with each child in small groups of no more than eight.

Our KS1 and KS2 teachers are fully qualified to teach at primary school level. Similarly, our KS3 and GCSE teachers are subject specialist teachers and have an abundance of mainstream secondary school teaching experience in the subject that they teach.

Our teachers deliver individual lessons in a professional manner, promoting a positive attitude towards teaching and learning, whilst allowing children to work at their own pace to build the confidence needed to achieve and succeed. We challenge the more able children in order to stimulate and extend their learning, enabling children to make significant gains in their progress. Our centres provide a calm and focused learning environment in which students can receive exceptional support and guidance from our highly motivated team of teachers.

Excel Tuition Centre is for...

  • Key Stage 1 and 2 English and Maths
  • 11+ Grammar School Entrance Exams
  • SATs Preparation for Year 2 and Year 6
  • Key Stage 3 English, Maths and Science
  • GCSE English Language, Literature, Maths, Combined Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Children with low self-esteem and confidence who need a boost
  • Children who need extra support in English, Maths and Science
  • High achieving children who need challenging and extending further
  • One to One tuition

We are able to offer the following comprehensive Programmes of Study:

  • Key Stage 1 Combined English & Maths Booster classes (Year 1 to 2, Ages 5 to 7)
  • Key Stage 2 Combined English & Maths Booster classes (Year 3 to 5, Ages 7 to 10)
  • 11+ Grammar School Entrance Exam Preparation
  • Year 6 SATs Preparation/Transition to Secondary
  • Key Stage 3 Combined English, Maths and Science Booster classes (Year 7 to Year 8, Ages 11 to 13)
  • GCSE English Language, English Literature, Maths, Combined Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics (Year 9 to 11, Age 14 to 16)

Note: We have a limited number of one to one tuition places for all the above programmes.

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