11+ Preparation (Year 5 Advanced)

11+ Preparation (Year 5 Advanced)

Prior to joining the programme in Year 5, pupils are required to complete an assessment. Minimum scores in all subject areas that are tested are a pre-requisite to joining the programme at this stage.

In the Year 5 Advanced class, our pupils will be working at an advanced level in fundamental the subjects which include; reading, comprehension, writing, spelling, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary development, spoken language, arithmetic and numerical reasoning. The level of work at this stage of the programme is significantly higher in comparison to schoolwork in all subjects.

Once all the topics have be completed, the pupils will begin to develop their examination technique by working through a series of GL Assessment style 11+ assessment papers to ensure that pupils are thoroughly prepared for the exam.

Competition for places at grammar and independent schools is intense. The number of applicants is rising each year, making entry into these schools increasingly more difficult. At Excel Tuition Centre, the 11+ programme begins in Year 4 (two years before the exam date) in order for your child to have the appropriate time for preparation.

From September 2024, the West Midlands Grammar Schools have announced a new collaboration. Entrance into any of the Birmingham, Warwickshire, Shropshire, Walsall, and Wolverhampton grammar schools has now been combined, meaning students only need to sit ONE test on one day, to be considered for ANY of the grammar schools in Birmingham, Warwickshire, Shropshire, Walsall and Wolverhampton.

At Excel Tuition Centre, we carry out extensive research to help develop our 11+ programme around the GL Assessment format to ensure that our students are preparing for their exams in the most effective way.

The 11+ Preparation class is only suitable for academically abled students that are already achieving high levels in their schoolwork.

The 11+ exam is a selective entry examination for entrance
into some grammar and secondary schools.

Within the West Midlands this includes the following:

At Excel Tuition Centre, we develop our pupil’s subject knowledge to the required levels, as well as their exam techniques and time management skills. The following is a list of subjects that are covered in each of the 11+ Preparation programmes.


11+ English exam papers usually consist of a timed comprehension test with several questions based on the passage. Some of  the questions may also be based on punctuation, parts of speech and English grammar. The CEM 11+ English exam papers are multiple choice. Independent Grammar School exams may use a different format and usually include a creative writing task.


11+ Maths exam papers are designed to test the child’s depth of knowledge on many topics which include; the four rules (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), fractions, percentages, ratio and proportion, shape, area, graphs, data analysis, money, measurement, algebra, number, place value, statistics, numerical reasoning, geometry and time.

Non-verbal Reasoning

11+ Non-verbal Reasoning exam papers consist of logic type questions based on shape, patterns, numbers, symmetry, 3D (including spatial) and sequences.

Verbal Reasoning

There are around fifty possible types of questions used in 11+ Verbal Reasoning exams. These include letter and number sequences, analogies, letter and number codes, odd one out, middle/size order, word endings/beginnings, cloze exercises, identifying antonyms, identifying synonyms and anagrams.

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